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Waffles - Be an Anchor

Desarrollador Juan Apps

Your stories are worth spreading ! Let’s make interesting video stories together !Waffles is the easiest way to create, share and discover amazing short video stories!! For those of the time when you want to do something creative but just don’t know exactly what to do, Waffles helps you explore bunch of the interesting topic frames that one of them will inspire you at the moment of time.
Tell your own stories: Pick the topic frame from tons of popular choices, and shoot awesome videos with love! The more people watch the video, the more profit you get!Get featured, go viral, become a Waffler! Our editors are always looking for fun, inspiring, or creative Waffles to feature to our fast-growing community.Explore amazing stories by browsing schools, channels, tags, or interesting Wafflers from around the globe!
Four easy steps to Waffles :1. Get inspired - Explore and find an interesting topic frame you get inspired.2. Create - Record videos and add text to tell your awesome story!3. Share - on Waffles or to Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp or beyond.4. We love you <3
Four reasons to use Waffles :1. Want to browse and see what others are doing? Waffles is the place to explore life’s moments in videos!2. Get bored sometimes and just want to do something creative? Waffles is the place for you to get inspired on phone.3. So many ideas in mind and can’t wait to make profit out of them? Waffles is the place for you to achieve that.4. Again, we love you and we value your works are art!

FEATURES- Record interesting selfie videos with tons of topic frame- Add photos and video clips- Get likes and comments- Get profit from each your work of art- Find friends to follow- Explore users- Explore schools- Explore interesting topics to discover cool Wafflers videos- Notifications of interesting activity- Easy sharing to all your favorite apps, or you may copy the link and share it to everywhere!